The Difference Between Our Practice and Traditional Practices

This section gives you some real-life scenarios of how your life will be different as one of our patients.  The differences will make things easier for you, to be sure, but they also may save money and even save your life.  Please note that the practice is a "work in progress," meaning that some of the items mentioned are not available at this time.  All of the things mentioned here are part of our plans.

It may just be the best money you spend all month.

Examples from Real Life

Click on the links below to see the contrast between our practice and a "traditional" practice under real-life circumstances.

"I Need an Appointment"


How hard is it to get an appointment with your doctor?


"I Need a Medication Refill"


How many steps does it take to get a prescription?


"What Medications should I be Taking?"


Do you know what medications you should be taking?  How do you find out?


"My Foot Hurts"


How to you know what to do when you have a minor problem?  You don't want to waste money on going to the doctor for something that's not serious, but you don't want to have a little one turn into a big one either.  


"My Chest Hurts"

What happens when you have a symptom that is either minor or life-threatening?  How do you figure out if you should treat it as an emergency?  How can you be reassured that you aren't going to have a serious problem, avoiding an unnecessary visit to the ER?

Office Visit for Minor Problem


What do you have to go through to get seen for something that isn't too serious?  How much time do you take away from work?  How much needless paperwork do you have to fill out?  How satisfying is your experience?


"Do I Need a Diabetes Appointment?"


Are you missing care you should be getting?  How do you know how often you should be seen for your medical conditions?  Has anyone told you?  Why aren't they reminding you if you are running behind?


Referral to a Specialist

How would a good primary care doctor change your care at a specialist?  Dramatically!

A Visit to the ER

This is one place you want to avoid, but if you do have to go, you want your doctor on your side, don't you?